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Something for everyone!

We offer trip options to suit all levels of people wanting to experience fishing and crayfishing in Kaikoura. Choose from the options below or feel free to contact us to discuss your custom trip.

Two Hour Fishing and Crayfishing Experience

We offer a two-hour Fishing and Crayfishing experience where we will take you out to our unique and abundant fishing grounds to fish with rod and reel, then we will do our cray pots on the way home, all fishing gear will be supplied and our experienced crew will help you to catch some delicious fish to take home with you. This option is best suited to beginners or groups of different levels for a short exciting fishing trip.

$130 per person

Four Hour Fishing and Crayfishing Trip

On our four-hour Fishing and Crayfishing trip we will take you to our unique and abundant fishing grounds to fish with rod and reel, over four hours we will have time to assess the conditions so this trip option will give us a good chance to catch some really amazing fish. We will then lift the Craypots on the way home to get you some crays. All fishing gear will be supplied. This trip is best suited to all levels of fishermen and fisherwomen.

$200 per person for groups of 4 or more
$250 per person for groups of 3 or less

Seven Hour Grouper/Bluenose Trip

Our Seven-hour Grouper and bluenose trip is a specialty trip catered to the experienced fisher who wants the chance to catch some deep-water table fish that will put a smile on your face. We will take you to some of our deep-water fishing grounds and use our electric reels to target Grouper and Bluenose. We will also do the Craypots on the way home to catch you a feed of Crays. All fishing gear will be supplied and hot tea and coffee and snacks will also be supplied.

$1600 boat fee for full day – max 6 people

Eight Hour Bluefin Trip

This trip is a unique and exciting option to offer you with a new fishery opening up here in Kaikoura. The chance to catch one of the huge and powerful Southern Bluefin Tuna, is every fisherman or fisherwoman’s dream. As the SBT population is increasing the fish stocks in the waters around NZ are getting healthier each year. We will take you out and give you the chance to do battle against a SBT and possibly catch the fish of a lifetime. You can either catch and release or you can choose to take your fish home to enjoy the delicacy of Bluefin tuna. Catching a Bluefin Tuna takes tremendous effort and time since this is the case, we limit our passenger numbers to five to ensure things run smoothly. All fishing Gear will be supplied and Hot coffee, Tea and lunch will be provided.

$2500 boat fee for full day – max 5 people

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